T-Minus Monday 19.3
10 pm - 01 am @ Volksgarten
The Mission


Welcome! Foster Kent invites you to journey into space at this year's Radiodays Europe in their home country of Austria. Ground Control is located at The Volksgarten, which was founded 180 years ago and is now one of the best known clubs worldwide. Your mission is simple: get on board - launch - leave orbit and enjoy space!


Boarding Pass / Ticket

Due to safety regulations, the number of guests at Ground Control is limited to 350. So register NOW and get one of 99 Guaranted-Entry Boarding Passes!

PLEASE NOTE  All guests need a Boarding Pass AND have to present their Radiodays Europe Conference Badge at the entrance without exceptions.

Ground Control


Groundcontrol is loacted at legendary Volksgarten, less than 10 minutes walking distance from the Vienna City Hall, where Monday Radio Night takes place.

"Taking more and more passengers

out into space will enable them, and us,

 to look both outwards and back but with

a fresh perspective in both directions."

Professor Stephen Hawking

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The Mission


Boarding Pass / Ticket
Ground Control


Our other Missions


Monday 19.3
10 pm - 01 am